The following are Testimonials from JUDGMENT COMES and from the author’s previous books and from individuals in different social networks of articles the author has posted that make up part of the Biblical breakthrough investigation JUDGMENT COMES:

                                                                                 "The most powerful book you will ever read"  Paul Glinzak, Pastor

                                                                   "A Biblical Blockbuster!"  
Bible Research Center

                                                            "The book is a theological tour de force"  Dolores Slowik

THE MARK OF GOD Kindle Edition

Four Seasons

5.0 out of 5 stars  Excellent!

February 27, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

"An extraordinary breakthrough in exegesis, hermeneutics, eschatology, and theology in general”

“I renounced my life-long participation in the Roman Catholic Church and plans of becoming a postulant sister of the Third Order of St Francis convent because of this evidence. This book will forever change your life.”
                                                                                                                   Andrea Cañas


Dolores Slowik

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars

January 29, 2018

Verified Purchase

Excellent! The book itself is a revelation! Eye opening and thought provoking. Highly recommend.

“Great book!”
Jane McClure
             Writer at Kentucky Rambler blog

Paul Glinzak

5.0 out of 5 stars This book is a true revelation with a message that needs to reach every person!

January 31, 2018

This is the most powerful book you will ever read! Excellent and accurate research tears down false teachings and exposes the truth that will indeed set many free! Find out for yourself that Dr. Jorge Mata Torres has hit the bullseye with true revelation that will equip you and guide you on the right path for your future. Don't miss this opportunity!

                                                       I agree with you 100% Sir.  Thank You.
Wesley Lwiji

Abba has chosen you as the voice of His Ruach. You have helped me and I'm sure others in our search for truth... May our Mighty One bless your efforts and your household. All praise and esteem to our Mighty One Ahayah, the Elohim of Yisra'El. I love Him and you for unloosening these chains. I pray continually that He preserves and blesses your efforts for His Name's sake. Todah for all your help.
                                                                                                                      Shalom, Shalom
                                                                                                                      R. Albanese

Top customer reviews  


5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars

April 9, 2018

An amazing read. Eye opening and consciously written. A departure into insightful revelations. A must read. Strongly recommend!

Your book seems very interesting... The Father will bless you and give you so much joy in your heart! I went on your website and I am reading it. It's very interesting! It opens one's eyes!
Luciano Nardone
                                                                             Translator at Italatin

Congratulations on this new venture! I am in wonder of all your accomplishments. I continue to read, study and consider your theological posts. I am enjoying your writing so much! Thanks for your thought provoking, stirring posts! Thank you for all your work in researching and writing. Thanks for all you are giving to others. God bless!
Sharon Clark
                                                                                   LinkedIn Member

"Doc (Dr. Jorge Mata Torres), you're an amazing fellow... you are a brilliant, awesome unique one-of-a-kind force to reckon with. You've worked hard to be where you are in life and in the word and you're committed to your convictions."
                                                                                    Jeffrey Rogers
                                                                                    Washington D.C. USA

"I had a dream this morning. I'm at crossroads. Again. Thank you for the post, you make my decision very easy!
Karene Raman

Hi Dr. Jorge. I continue to learn and grow stronger in the faith because of your sound biblical teachings and practices. I praise God for you as you remain in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for your ministry as it continues to challenge me to grow stronger spiritually and to continue to help other believers with the truth of God's Word that you share through your in-depth research that reveals the reality and truth that God is exposing through you. I am so grateful to have met you through your website. I have gained knowledge and revelation because of your hard work, devotion, and faithfulness to God our Father and His Son Jesus Christ. You are a man who is led of God's Spirit. As you continue to share the truth, I will be lifting you up in the Spirit. I pray that many other believers will benefit from the blessings you continue to selflessly share with the world. Thank you for the platform of God's love people that you continue to walk in. You are a man of integrity and decency. I hope you have an awesome day. Take care sir.
                                                                       Paul Glinzak
                                                                       Senior Pastor & Founder Holy Spirit Fire Church   

"I told to my husband about nazarenecode and he started to read, I told him about chapter true israelities and about staye of Israel, he said that he never did see anybody writting so truly like you and that he felt the same about Israel and as spharadi direct line jew and israeli, he identify himself with everything you write..I feel to form homegroup only with few certain people who have the same vision to pray for true israelites in the land to wake up, among arabs, etiopiens in the land and also sephardi jews in the land...special prayer and intercession for true israelites in the land among arabs to wake up and see Messiah..I pray that Elohim will send people in my way who know the true and who will be further tool in hand of Elohim to forward nazarenecode in the Land..."
R. Reuben
                                                                                                                   Jerusalem, Israel
"Congrats on your work anniversary! God bless you...Your life IS a ministry."
                                                                                                          Brian Helt

"You're right man how can I get into your religion?"
P. Resson
                                                      San Diego, CA, USA

"Thank you for your words of encouragement for me, it means a lot to me and I appreciate you a lot as author, as person that went through so much, I did read about your life journey and every chapter of it, was your preparation for the things to come..Im too honoured to be your friend, Im blessed to be your friend, I have so much to learn from you, I believe, I have got friend who can mentor me in future mission, who can lead me and guide me in that call that G-d did put deep inside of me, the call from which I can never escape, but my biggest desire in my life is to know Elohim more and more, to come closer and closer to Him, to serve Him in prophetic worship and prayer, to put His words in melody and to paint Yeshua in such way that people will see Him as He is..I stand with you in Nazarene Code and I believe that G-d will open the doors for people to hear the truth..."                                                

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         I. Levi

Dear friend, I have read your articles and It's opened my eyes... By the way I'm from Malaysia and I'm so glad I found your site... May He lead you and guide you. Thank you so much again my friend..."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Zachery F.

"I have found your website and my soul is singing!  Please send me your pdf version Praise Jesus I have found you!"                                                         
God bless!
                                                                                     Your Brother in Christ,
                                                                                     Francis – USA

"Although I'm an unbeliever (in God) I'm intrigued by your experiences and what you have explored and found. In fact, your perseverance in your conviction and the way you practice it inspires me."
陈可人(Karen Chan)
                                                                                  University student – China

                                                                         PERTH CITY, AUSTRALIA

"Excellent brother.... There it is in Luke 10:18 as you have brought to our attention. The answer is in the Word. Can't emphasize enough how much of a load you've lifted from me by exposing the anti-Mashiach Shaul of Tarsus. It is much clearer to see the Gospels of our Adon Immanuel with the letters of Shaul out of the way.
                                                                                               R. Albanese

"I checked out your web page and it is very interesting - Thank you for your research! So much to learn about Abba and to purge out the lies I was taught in christianity."
 Brie  (Messianic)
                                                                           Austin, Texas

"I'm blessed to get to know the truth, you really did open eyes on me, more and more.. under long period of time I felt about all this but I couldn't see that in word of G-d, I couldn't put finger on it.. I just used to feel deep inside of me that something is wrong.. I see more and more now, I believe, that G-d will use you here also in Israel and I pray for it.. G-d needs His servant to bring out this painful true, a lie that kept "church" in bondage for so long time, and that is also such tragedy for all of us jews and gentiles, yes, Torah commandments was for all of us, and when Israel was at Sinai, there were also people from other places among them, and today is not different either, also outside of Israel.. what tragedy of gospel was given to us.. I pray that your work will be heard here in Israel that the revelation given to you, will be shown here in Israel as well.. I pray that fellowships will wake up for this revelation and I feel that only through this, G-d will be able to reach there that is difficult to reach, and that we will see many miracles and many lives being given to G-d..I will read your posts on your web site and I hope that one day, you will talk about all this here in Israel, I pray that you will mentor fellowships here in Israel in word of G-d and that your work will be instrument in G-d's hand to touch peoples heart like sword...I pray to G-d that He will give me words and melody to a songs that are born out of this revelation that G-d give to you.. I feel very filled by G-d himself, but I start to understand that everything has reason and I needed to come in touch with you to know this true.. and I'm blessed..I would like to be in touch with you and I would like to ask you things about Bible if I'm not sure on something or to ask you for advice in spiritual way.. simply, a good friend that I have so much to learn from, and that is what I need and that is what fills my heart with happiness...have a blessed day..and thank you for being my friend..."
Name withheld for fear of persecution
                                                                   Jerusalem, Israel 

"Es muy interesante lo que haces, el mundo necésita muchas gente como vos, eres una persona bendecida, lo digo en el sentido del don del servicio al prójimo."

English translation: 

It's very interesting what you're doing, the world needs more people like you, you are a blessed person, I mean in the sense of the gift of service to others."
                                                                                                     Calandria (Adventist)

"Thank you for your nice thought. I am looking at your web page The Nazarene Code.  Looks interesting."
Copenhagen, Denmark

"I am going to start your book today because it looks like the knowledge I have been hungering for." 
                                                                          Emily B. - Adventist

"Blessings to you this morning, Just a quick note to say your writings are thought provoking and inspirational!" 
Lynda S.
                                                                         United Kingdom

"This looks like a very interesting study."

Bible Scrolls International, LLC

Since I began reading "The Nazarene Code" my eyes have become glued to my laptop screen. Thank you for devoting those 5 years and allowing your book to be so accessible to everyone. What a blessing! 

I've sent the link to several of my friends. I'm sure when they begin reading we'll have many hearty discussions." 
                                                                         Melody G., SDA
                                                                          Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Praise the Mighty One of Yisra'el for giving you the spirit of discernment."
Todah, Richard Albanese
"I looked up Nazarene Code and read through the first few chapters. Really enjoyed what I read! I have a son that went to Andrew University and from the training he received he now considers himself more of an atheist. He needs to read your book."
                                                                                      God bless, 
                                                                                      P. Earl, USA (Seventh Day Adventist)

Excellent research. Now I now the true names of the creator and our messiah. Thank the most high AHAYAH for your dedication and honesty. 
                                                                                                               Jonathan Smith

"I did read about NazareneCode on your web site, it did hit me straight in my heart, it did hit me for my people
Israel... under long time I felt very strong about exactly you write about..when I did compose song, deep song about third temple, others could not understand me...people around me are searching the true but they are confused by christian Messiah..how much I longing to  speak about all this with you to read more about this..I pray, that you will live in Jerusalem and that we all build fellowship NazareneCode, there we will see many ultra orthodox jew worship G-d with their believe in Yeshua Messiah… now you gave me new inspiration for songs, music and I want to even more to present Yeshua in true colours as He is and Kingdom of G-d..you really blessed me with your web site and I will forward it..I have got prophecy of prominent leaders that I will serve Him here in Judea and Samaria in prophetic worship..yes, with NazareneCode in my heart... thank you for being my friend..I hope, you will build NazareneCode as fellowship here in heart of Jerusalem and you have me as your friend in worship… I want to stand by your side as friend and bring this to our people… be blessed..."

"wow great it is quite a piece of work so far. i am very excited reading it.  I find your writings very evident!"         

"I like to thank you for making this site. I learned something and I realize the error of my ways besides sin was not knowing who "God" and "Jesus" really were all my life. I will do more RESEARCH and learn both Modern Hebrew and Ancient Paleo Hebrew.  I'm also reading about the 12 Tribes of Israel. I will learn, read, and research more. 
                                            May Ahayah Bless You!" 

                                             V. Muambi
                                             Democratic Republic of Congo

"I have seen your Nazarene Code...information....I think it is wonderful the truth you are spreading!! Sometimes I feel like shouting it from a mountain top telling all these people that they are in a stupor....a trance...believing in HaSatans deceptions.... Keep up the good work my brother....we need young people like you.....time is running out!!"
                                                                           Fairfield, NJ
"Awesome exegetical information!"
                                     P. Aviela

"Shalom brother! Waw I saw your sites it is really exciting! I am happy that found new friend - believer in God and our promised king of Israel - Ieshua! YHWH knows how sharply i need friends and friendly support. Thanks to my Father that gave me opportunity to meet His servants and gave me chance to study His law via also your resources !"                                          

“I find the information here very intriguing, to say the least. I am a Christian but I want to be open in my search for truth.”

"Hi dear brother, I am here to thank you for this blessed work you have done trying to open the eyes of immanuel's sheeps to the truth. i had come across to your website some time ago and it was a complete bless to me. I finally learned about the real name of my savior and the name of my father as well. I am a brazilian and I have already spoke with my heavenly father my desire to also participate in disseminate his truth! the truth about his false  deceiver apostle paul, the truth about his unique path and the truth about the real name of his son! I would like to ask you, my brother, if it is okay I will be using some of your texts with your credited credits to share in my blog when I translate them im portuguese. again, thank you very much to be such an instrument in the hands of god! may he with his power and mercy bless you always, you and all your family,in the mighty name of Immanuel! amém!"
Évelim, Brasil


"...when I started to read NazareneCode, not only that I started to keep even more Torah commandments but also I started to see jewish religious people in different way, many of them are my close friends and I started to see them in different light..they just need Yeshua Messiah, I started also to put rules for my three children to keep Sabbath and to switch off computer and telefonim and tv, just to give that day for the rest from everything..your book NazareneCode made such impact on me and I'm one that can make different for my children and around me..I feel responsible not only over my children but also over my friends in different countries, so I will continue to tell about NazareneCode, because it is Father's will to restore His Son's body completely and it can be only by keeping Torah and having Yeshua HaMessiah and knowing the truth now, I did ask G-d to help me to be among those who will work for restoration of His body, each with gift G-d gave person..G-d bless you brother..."

                                                                      R. Levi
Jerusalem, Israel

"The material you provide in your links is outstanding. You must have good perception/insight/understanding as to how things really are. You're one of the best guys here at LinkedIn. All the best!"      

              博多区  トニー ザンベック Tony Zambeck


"Is very interesting , i read and read and read, with the name is so true, very good that you publishing it, but with Paul is strong, because never someone speak it, or never i was see it so like you, I will read and read more."
                                                                                  S. Palisch  
"Finally Abba has finally heard my cry and has answered the many knocks at the door and i am utterly blown away at this revelation of the true identity of the Anti Mashiach, known as Sha'ul All my years of studying His Word, I always knew deep in my heart that something wasn't adding up, either Immanu'el was lying or this "anointed"one named Sha'ul was and this conflict has torn me apart for years because i was accepting this "canonizing" of Sha'ul as gospel. So I praise the Mighty One of Yisra'el through your efforts for this stunning revelation and the exposing of these false letters by this anti Mashiach, known as Paul of Tarsus.

Yes, it all makes sense now, the enemy was amongst us and we accepted it because it was part of "canonized" Qodesh writings or as we thought. This is huge to me and also the Names. Your article on the Names of Abba and His Ben, most excellent, I always knew the Son was Immanu'el but was not sure of the Father's Name. These two revelations about the Names and Sha'ul have released me from the chain of the enemy. I am grateful to you for your efforts. May Abba continue to shine upon you and your ministry."  
R. Albanese
                                                                                            Maryland, USA


“Your articles are very informative and enlightening. I hope and pray that more people will plug in to all the hard work and research you have devoted to the truth of God's word. It continues to be a personal blessing and revelation to me. Take care sir and thank you for being such a gifted --teacher who really cares for the spiritual welfare of those who want to grow and help make a difference among like-minded believers.”
                                                                     Paul Glinzak
                                                                     Senior Pastor & Founder Holy Spirit Fire Church
“Hello and Shalum! I loved reading through your site and write ups!! So refreshing to come across likeminded who just "get it" as I have been gifted to do. So awesome!! HalaluYaHUaH!!! … Alas, Loved your site and obvious diligent study!!! You are an asset to the body!!! Shalum,”

5.0 out of 5 stars
Amazing journey!

Format: Kindle Edition

A stimulating and thought provoking book. The author, Dr Mata, meticulously takes you through a journey from Genesis to the Book of Revelation that is substantiated by diligent and factual research. The author make a strong case as he delves into uncharted waters of Biblical history. Highly recommend this book!    --  Four Seasons


                                                                                                                     C.M. Causey

please send me all your articles on this website in one PDF document or in a paper book. contact me. ty 

                                         JOSÉ LUIZ AMARANES

Hola quiero suscribirme a tu canal”
  (Hello I want to subscribe to your channel)
Marilin Vargas Melendez

“I commend you on your studies”

“Shalom Brother Jorge,

I've been studying your recent work on "Jesus", very informative, very well done, praise Ahaya!  I just want you to know I've been thinking of you and have not forgotten you. I can't thank you enough for your helping us see the truth, especially about Sha'ul and his hidden contradictory agenda on Our Father's everlasting Law. Thank you and praise Ahayah for using you as His spokesman

                                                                                       May the Ruach be with you,

“Hi there, can I please get a copy of your book, god permitting. It would be awesome to have in my area (Malawi) where internet solutions are tough to get, Thanks for all.”


Please call me ASAP!
                     M. Antal                       

Shaking off our old "sin-filled state" doesn't happen overnight - but be assured you'll start thinking twice upon acting on your temptations like you never had before.  I say this because this is precisely what happened to me. Since I now know for a fact we don't have an automatic pass to heaven for simply having been born/raised "Christian", I think things thru a LOT more now and I've actually cut out behavior that I impulsively acted upon before "for the thrill of the moment" because I know it will have immediate consequences.

It is exciting to see you reach out to our Hebrew roots and call on the Father and Messiah by their true names which is how I call on Them when I pray in the evenings. Like you it feels odd calling the Father "God" or the Messiah "Jesus" knowing full well these are not Their names and no one ever called Them that when They made their presence known here on earth. With your permission, I would like to place your (edited) comments and only partial name (not your full name) as a testimonial on the home page - is this alright with you?
                                                                                                Shalom Vincent

“Jorge: I found your website and skimmed the chapters. Warmed my heart: “When it appeared that everyone had turned their back on me, my Father in heaven had not.” Disturbed my soul: “I discovered that the very prolific NT writer, the Pharisee Sha’ul (Paul), was so contradictory and heretical to the Word of God that I realized his word could not be trusted nor the religion(s) he spawned…” Tossed me atop my soap box: “I am growing morally and spiritually in the Truth of His words and though I can never be perfect - striving to be so brings greater wisdom and understanding of the message the Messiah brought to His disciples and which we have by the scriptures.” In my opinion, the greatest deception among 21st century believers is that we STRIVE to attain righteousness. Luke 11 gives us the simple solution to our pathetic condition: ASK for the Holy Spirit. Ask, ask, ask. Once s/he grabs hold of your heart, s/he CHANGES you, and your behavior starts to fall in line with your new character. Of this I am sure because I’ve experienced it. God’s law is written (with His finger) on my (previously stony) heart. Confirmed my conviction: “…ask the Father for guidance…” Baffled and concerned me: The lack of expression of God’s love for mankind, and the author’s love for God. Overwhelmed me: All that you've done. All that you've seen. All that you are.”

Greetings, love to read your completed work!”
                                                             Shalom, Jennifer

Top customer reviews

James Oldham

5.0 out of 5 stars  By the sweat of your brow you have shown the only living Manna that comes from heaven .

January 22, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition

My brother Jorge , what a GOOD book . I never thought back in 1977 when I first started preaching against those antichrist Luke and Paul that I would in one book almost everything I believe and keep . Keep up your good works Jorge and I'MmanuEL bless and keep you . I have enjoyed debating with you against those that say I know Him but don't keep His laws and commandments . Their response made me laugh , SUPER GRACE !

Hello Dr. Torres! Awesome bold books you are writing which are blessing me big-time. I am a 6th generation SDA who left the Christian faith, yet God pursued me and I am back stronger than ever. Thanks again, Blessings!
                                                                    Gregory Boyer, PhD, MBA, MSPH
                                                                              President at GraphEra, LLC

THE MARK OF GOD has received hundreds of Facebook Group Likes from many different religious denominations too many to list here.

Inspirational Leader mention from Paul Glinzak, Pastor, LinkedIn

Dr. Jorge Mata Torres hashtag#Kudos We are so lucky to have you hashtag#InspirationalLead

“powerful message and scriptures thank you for your teachings and scriptures you sent to me, although my ministry still young but I welcome your ideas and teaching… Dr Jorge truly your man of God but am kindly requesting you to be with me and be my mentor, your mature in the word of God when am with you for sure I will prosper may the lord God help me and you to be good friends, I love you thank you”

                                                                             Pastor John Andango
                                                                             Christian Hope Fellowship Church
                                                                             Kenya, Africa

          “I am in desperate search for the truth. Please save my life”
                                                                                Johann Nbloem

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