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    God's Verdict
             Is In:


                     The Word of YHWH,
                                           Christ's Revelation,
   7 Steps of the Basic Legal Process

           Provide Irrefutable Evidence Why
 ONLY Keepers of God’s Law & Testimony of Christ
Will Be Granted Eternal Life in the Kingdom of God 
And Why Followers of ALL 4200 Lawless Religions 
       Including Christianity, Islam & Judaism
   Will Be Sentenced to Death in the Fires of Hell





                          coming soon !

                                                                                                       The Evidence Banned By 6 Christian Forums

 what NO chaplain, deacon, minister, pastor, or Christian scholar can deny
                                                                                              Because it identifies them
 as Anti-Father and AntiChrist

JUDGMENT COMES is the result of a profound revelation experienced by Dr. Jorge Mata Torres in the fall of 2009 followed by countless man hours of intense research of scripture and fact finding which has culminated in the most definitive conclusion of God's message for acquiring Eternal Life in the Kingdom of Heaven that demonstrably refutes each of the counterfeit Abrahamic religions of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.
Judgment Comes is jam-packed with over 800 pages of scriptural facts, Hebrew and Greek linguistics, historical data, and images that helps guide the reader to clearly understand the TRUE Word of God that countless false religions have distorted to their own destruction.

                 The Torah and The Testimony 
                            Judgment Comes 

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