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JUDGMENT COMES  provides 100% irrefutable yet unspoken scriptural evidence and facts for those called to become God's TRUE Chosen whom the Lord ONLY promises will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

10 Reasons Why You and 99.99% of the World
  Never  Enter Heaven  With  Your Religions
Discover 10 irrefutable reasons why your religion and followers of 4,200 world religions including Catholicism, Christianity, Islam and Judaism that make up 99.99% are not remotely close to being God's Chosen and much less qualified to enter the Kingdom of Heaven: Revelation 12:9

The Brutal Truth is That You've Never Once

Obeyed, Feared, Known Nor Loved the Lord

Deceiving men and their deceiving doctrines have denied you from ever having obeyed, feared, known or loved the Lord as He commands which is why you and 99.99% of the world will face the Wrath of God and be cast to the fire UNLESS you repent - you have God's Word on it.

  "A Biblical Blockbuster"  Bible Research Center
           "The book is a theological tour de force" 
You are called to weigh the 100 % irrefutable proclamations of the Eternal Word of God, archaeological evidence and historical facts    packed into 770 pages which includes revealing color images, Strong's Hebrew and Greek Lexicon definitions, graphs and links to videos that prove – beyond any doubt whatsoever – the immutability of the Word of God, the identity of His True Chosen, the True name, identity and nature of the Lord and the identity of the Beast, its 2 Horns, its Mark, Mystery Babylon and False Prophet who deceive the world.

Two independent studies reveal the world is nearing the end of the 6th Hebrew millennium date much sooner than previously thought.

            Join God's True Chosen and Prepare 
                              Judgment Comes

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JUDGMENT   COMES  is the  most  definitive analysis   of  the Bible ever published. The revolutionary 10-year investigation compiles 100% irrefutable proclamations of the Eternal Word of God, archaeological evidence and historical facts into  770 pages with color images, graphs, Strong's Hebrew and Greek Lexicon definitions & video links supporting its powerful claims.

FACE FACTS:  You are a follower of a non-Biblical religion
that is not mentioned  anywhere  in the original Hebrew nor
Greek scriptures, that the Lord never founded by name nor
taught its practices nor its 
criteria for discipleship or salvation 
eternal life and which calls Him by a false name and you

expect to enter the Kingdom of God? Discover what the Lord
the OT and NT proclaims will be the fate at Judgment for followers of 4200 religions including yours 
unless they repent
and join His True Chosen WHO KEEP HIS ETERNAL WORD.

           Featured in Goodreads.com  &  Harvard Business Review
Deceiving men convinced billions the Lord's Eternal Word was not forever but temporary - Who broke His Word and decided to establish an entirely new contradictory doctrine and selected an entirely new group of people as His Chosen. 

                   Prepare For Judgment NOW
              It Comes Sooner Than You Think


The Good The 10 Traits That Identify God's TRUE Chosen
The Bad - The Deceived 99.99% with the Mark of the Beast
The Ugly  
- The Beast, Mystery Babylon and False Prophet

The Brutal Unspoken Truth Of The Word Of God,
His True Chosen And The Fate That  Awaits You
. Join the Chosen 
Ones whom the 
LORD personally set apart and escape the 
 of God on a deceived world: Rv 
12:915:1,  Lv 26:21