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The Word of God & Christ's Revelation
                           Applied in the 
     7 Steps of the Basic Legal Process


   ALL Followers of the 4,200+ Lawless Religions 
Including Christianity, Islam & Judaism  
   Will Be Sentenced to Death in the Fires of Hell

ONLY Keepers of God’s Law & Testimony of Christ 
Will Be Granted Eternal Life in the Kingdom of God



This book will forever change your life"
                                                                   Andrea Cañas   
                       (Renounced life as Catholic nun)

              "Powerful. Irrefutable. Case Closed." 
                                                  Four Seasons

         You Need to Read This Book ASAP

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judgment comes  judgment-comes  judgement comes   judgment comes  judgment-comes  judgement comes  judgment comes  judgment-comes  
                                                                                                              The Evidence Banned By 7 Christian Forums
 what NO chaplain, deacon, minister, pastor, or Christian scholar can deny
                                                                                         Because it identifies them
 as Anti-God the Father and AntiChrist

                  JUDGMENT COMES
                            JORGE MATA TORRES

JUDGMENT COMES is a 700 page revolutionary new study of the Bible which began as a profound discovery in the Book of Revelation by Dr. Jorge Mata Torres that took his life from total ruin to revelation and blessings. JUDGMENT COMES is supported by irrefutable and overwhelming scriptural and linguistic citations of the Old Testament, New Testament, and Book of Revelation, archaeological and historical evidence, state of the art scientific research findings, critical reasoning, logic, and plain common sense integrated into the 7 Steps of the Basic Legal Research Process whose facts and validation collectively provides the most accurate, comprehensive and definitive analysis and interpretation of the Bible’s message EVER that builds to a climactic end with the Word of God’s closed case final verdict for all mankind: You MUST keep God’s Torah Law and Testimony of ImmanuEL Christ to inherit Eternal Life in the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Word of God likewise condemns ALL 4,200+ Lawless (i.e., Godless) religions of the world and their followers including 666 Mark of the Beast cults Christianity, Islam, and Judaism and their false salvation doctrines to the fires of hell at Judgment. THE WORD OF GOD IS TRUTH - NOT HATE SPEECH - those with eyes to see and have a passion for the Truth of the Word of God will embrace the overwhelming evidentiary proof presented herein and live by it – those who reject it are whose names will not be written in the Book of Life and will surely die according to the Word of God.

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                  THE LAW and THE TESTIMONY
                                              JORGE MATA TORRES
judgment comes  judgment-comes  judgement comes  judgment comes  judgment-comes  judgement comes judgment comes  judgment-comes  judgement

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